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At MasCOOL we work to make your bathroom unique and make you feel more yours thanks to the customization of bathroom furniture. In addition, it allows the furniture to be integrated into the decoration project, since we can manufacture it with any porcelain tile on the market. Thanks to this we can create your custom bathroom furniture.

All our bathroom cabinets are coated with porcelain giving the furniture a great resistance to shocks, scratches and humidity. This makes our cabinets the best choice for a bathroom.

Among our customized furniture you will find floating furniture with Shooter, fingernail and push. All of them manufactured by our specialists who have many years in the world of furniture.

Personalised bathroom furniture
Customizable bathroom furniture

Why choose custom bathroom furniture?


Nothing like the feeling of having something unique and exclusive, your client will be able to have that bathroom furniture that they will not see anywhere else.

Interior design

Integrate the personalized bathroom furniture in the reform, interior design or construction project.


Possibility of using the trending finishes and adjusting them to the taste of your client.

How to get personalized bathroom furniture?

1º- Contact us, we will advise you!

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2º- We collect the material at your facilities
3º- We manufacture the furniture with the personalized material
4º- We send you the furniture dreamed by your client
Personalised bathroom furniture

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